“When I hear ‘allies’ say, ‘Maybe abortion is a place where we can compromise, it’s a wedge issue’ It’s not – it’s the economic destiny of half of the population, and if you say you care about human rights and you care about the economic justice of every American then centering how someone wants to or if somebody wants to start a family is often the very first step somebody takes to get there and reminding people that needs to be centered and that women and people with uteruses deserve every single part of humanity – that’s up to us.”   - Lizz Winstead

Misogyny, sexual assault, and removal of Repro Rights are becoming dangerously normative. After the recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of fake clinics and Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement, this series is critical.


Using satire as an empowering, revelatory tool makes this stark reality tangible and urgent even for those not geographically affected, putting repro rights at the center of all current human rights struggles at a time of intensified backlash against progressive gains since the 1960s. 


Our grandmothers’ struggles with pregnancy termination have come back to haunt us and as the midterm elections loom – Will we heed the call to keep politicians out of women’s uteri, once and for all?

An eye-opening human rights road series with a diverse cast and focus on intersectional feminism, Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order (working title) uses the political satire infused advocacy of Lizz Winstead and her team to reframe priorities and goals engaging audiences in the reality of a catastrophic deluge of anti-choice laws poised to set women back half a century and galvanize coordinated, informed action.


Showing clinics fighting for survival, the series corrects any lingering mistaken belief that Roe v. Wade still protects a woman's right to choose and addresses the terrifying erosion of repro rights: 31 states across the US have restrictive if not punitive legislation in place or impending for a women’s rights to abortion.


Independent clinics provide 70% of abortion care in the US, and several states have only one clinic, forcing women to drive long distances and even out of state to get this health care procedure. With 48 hour waiting periods, its prohibitive for low-income women who might have to miss work for several days for the procedure.


We follow comedic political activist group Lady Parts Justice League (LPJL) as they embark on The Vagical Mystery Tour, a 16-city comedy tour, building ground-game support and raising funds for independent clinics that leads the team deep into hostile territory in an effort to de-stigmatize abortion, and educate and mobilize their pro-choice supporters who have grown complacent during a time of real crisis.