Reproductive rights are grossly underreported. Our series takes an unprecedented look at what’s at stake and the people on the ground working tirelessly to protect a person’s right to choose. Beginning with the NYC Women’s March and on their Vagical Mystery Tour, a 16-city comedy tour, we travel with Lizz and her team as they build ground-game support to aid local clinics, call out backwards thinking politicians, and infuse the serious work of helping providers and educating communities with cathartic comedy.


Our goal: To educate and motivate viewers at a time when repro rights are more at risk than they’ve been since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was enacted.


Our series not only educates viewers on TRAP laws and abortion restrictions, it also demonstrates how viewers can get involved in their own community, creating the necessary support to ensure reproductive rights not only for us, but also for future generations.


Why fund this series now?


Simple: We are creating an important tool. 


An entertaining show that providers, organizations, and advocates can use to bring levity and hard hitting facts to a general audience, furthering critical conversations on women’s health and promote engagement.